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Shoban K. 

Strongly rooted in Music, singer, vocalist, instrumentalist, composer, music writer. 
Shoban was born on 1983 in Erbil , North Iraq, in a small town called Ankawa. He finished high school and got his bachelor’s degree in English Literature in 2005 . 
In 2015, Shoban moved to Canada, and there he studied Classical Music in York University in Ontario. During his studies of western music, the focus was on the techniques of singing the classical styles including operatic and art songs in different languages such as English, French, German and Italian. He graduated with BSc in Music in 2021. During this time, he participated in different concerts and festivals in Ontario. 
Shoban’s background in choirs singing had a big influence on his music, he has tendency to stack multiple layers of voices to create soft and smooth harmonies in his songs, a typical western style songs. 
Shoban started his musical journey officially in 2008, since then he accomplished several singles, and 2 albums. In addition to his notable contribution with international choirs, and several concerts in Canada. Worthy to mention that Shoban has vast experience in vocals and vocal training. 


Main Works and achievements: 

Arabic Songs:

lesh (single)
Ma Buga (single)
Nreed Neish ( National Song - Single )
Al Mad ( National Song - Single ) ​
Iraqi team song (national song- single )
Ymken ( single )
Qitaa ( single )
Arabic album ( single )

Kurdish Songs :
2012 Ho HO ( single )
2014 Bo Peshmarga ( single )
2015 day kay ( single )

2008 Syriac Album

International Group Choir Songs :

Sing gently : by  Eric Whitacre 2021 - To worship by: PowerUp mass virtual choir 2021

Art Songs:

-Vedro con mio ( Italian )

-La bas vers l’glise ( French ) 

-An Chloe ( German ) 

- The crucifixion

Sacred Songs:

- The word became flesh ( religious ) 2013

- Saghdenan  ( religious ) 2015

- The cross 2014 

- Yale zore 2021 

- Shabah El Maria 2021 

- Oh sacred head  2022

- Mara d bryatha 2022

- My hiding place 2022 

- O come Emanuel 2021 

- The Lord’s Prayer 2021 

Strongly rooted in Music, singer, vocalist, instrumentalist, composer, music writer. 

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